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I am always interested in having interesting cooperations, which are beneficial for both parties. However, I set value on promoting my honest (!) opinion. That’s also why I am quite picky when choosing the cooperations that match me and my blog. I only do No-Follow Links and sponsored posts have to be labelled. These conditions are not negotiable or a question of money. For any business inquiries, send a mail to You will receive my answer as quick as possible.


Media Kit (June 2015)

Topics: Fashion, Lifestyle, Do it Yourself, Beauty and more.
English version available since April 2015

Number of Readers:
Bloglovin: 169
BlogConnect: 34
Silk & Salt: 58

Social Media / Follower:
Instagram: 677
Facebook: 142
Twitter: 90
Pinterest: 27

Who I cooperated with so far:
gebrueder goetz
Limango Outlet


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